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About Infiniti Technology™

What is Infiniti?
Infiniti is an all-in-one online service which allows its users to publish and manage online content in real time as well as providing them with the tools to automate certain business functions. Infiniti Technology™ is a proprietary technology developed and supported by IT Squared.

Who needs Infiniti?
Infiniti is completely scalable and therefore has all of the following applications:

Application Brochure website
Application Content Management System (CMS)
Application Intranet
Application Online Store
Application E-Marketing Tool
Application Automated Business Logic

Who Needs Infiniti?
If you are in need of any or all of the above applications then Infiniti is for you!

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  • Infiniti Release
    Infiniti v1.0 Released
  • Server Status
    All IT Squared servers are up and running